shepherding the shepherd


Falling Off a Log

Trying to keep up with the Parsons invariably pits us against someone else’s gifts or efforts. Such mimicry doesn’t bear fruit. Remember how Pharaoh’s sorcerers tried to match Moses’ miraculous signs? We can come dangerously close to that.

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Logrolling and Logjams

You may not have given much thought to logrolling, so let me enlighten you. … Every pastor is well-acquainted with ministry logjams.

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Beginning with the Breath

In the beginning God created ex nihilo—from nothing. Ezekiel, in his vision of bones and breath, saw God re-create ex mortuis—from the dead; from the condemned dead, to be specific. That is the greater miracle!
“Then he said to [Ezekiel], “Prophesy to the breath;….'”

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‘So I Prophesied as He Commanded Me’

Imagine Ezekiel at a timeless reunion of preachers. “What was that like?” one asks. I wonder if Ezekiel wouldn’t look at us and say, “Me? What was it like for me? You preach to the living and breathing saints of God every time you open the Scriptures! I would have given anything to preach as you do, to the saints of God, living and listening.”

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One of our basic pastoral responsibilities is to help our people die well. That age-old ministry assignment is not only about bolstering their deathbed courage or helping them plan their funerals, although those are pastoral privileges. We prepare them by obeying and echoing Jesus’ command to Peter, “Follow me!”

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