shepherding the shepherd


A Sight for Sore Eyes This Easter

I imagine John deep in prayer when a voice like a bugle broke into his reverie, commanding him to write what he was about to see and to dispatch it to the seven churches, our congregations’ spiritual forebears. When John turned “to see the voice” he saw “one like a son of man,” among the lampstands—Jesus Christ among his churches “depicted as shining lights for God in the midst of a hostile world,” as Grant Osborne put it.

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The Seven Beatitudes of Revelation: Blessed When All Is Said and Done

It has been our privilege to show raggedy, stained sinners the path we ourselves followed to the laundry of the Lord. Through friendships, counsel, and preaching we offered them the bleach of the Lamb’s blood. We waited while they changed and saw them come out whiter than snow, dressed in the unblemished righteousness of Christ.

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