shepherding the shepherd


Onward, Christian Farmers

That unsettling farming phrase, “though he does not know how,” might be an interesting theme for a church growth conference. We may be able to find ways to attract more people to church but, at best, that only increases our acreage, not our yield. Kingdom growth, whether global, local, or personal, will always be a sacred mystery.

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Currency Traders

The Kingdom of God has a currency unknown in the world around us, the coinage of mercy and grace, rendered to us through Jesus Christ. Mark 4 records some of Jesus’ teaching on the economy of the Kingdom of God.

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Our Lamp

We have been entrusted with the Jesus-lamp. All believers are, I know, but our daily calling, especially on Sundays, is to take our people by the hand and lead them into dark rooms where secrets and mysteries hide and then hold out our marvelous Lamp.

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Scarecrows, Rock-Pickers, and Weed-Pullers

The measure of any church is not the size of the crowd but the fertility of the soil. Like Jean said, “You start to see the yield differences because your ground is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.”

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

The sower can be lavish with the seed and the seed is certainly high-yield. The part we cannot control is the soil. I’m not particularly comfortable with that. But we sow indiscriminately where we’re sent, regardless of the soil around us. Jesus himself was not choosy. He flung his kingdom truths hither and yon, leaving the harvest to the soil and the Father.

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Numbering Our Days

Your Sundays may seem to stretch out forever but one day you’ll preach no more. Take it from me, one day you’ll disperse your library and empty your study. Someone will take your name off the door. So Moses’ prayer in Ps. 90:12 is fitting: “Teacch us to number our days…”

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