How We Shepherd

One-Day Gatherings of Pastors for Mutual Support and Learning

Gatherings designed with pastors in mind.

Pastors rarely get to talk about shepherding. At most meetings we go to, we just listen and take notes. I planned these gatherings to be different. I shoot for 12 to 20 pastors gathered for a day or a retreat. We sit in comfortable chairs, sip our coffee, and talk about shepherding. What do you love about the work? How has it helped and hurt your soul? Our conversations are stimulating and sympathetic. We learn from each other. And they can be really funny.

Some sessions I facilitate conversations. Others, I do most of the talking. It’s not a conference or workshop. No notebook, packet, videos, PowerPoint, band, or book table (well, maybe I’ll bring a couple of books). We won’t talk about how to grow our churches or our strategic plans. We’ll keep focused on shepherding and the shepherd’s soul.

I’ll work with you to keep the costs as low as possible. We just need to identify a comfortable place and an inexpensive way to cover meals. That’s about it.

Interested? Contact me.