How do you feel when you think about your ministry?


You are all but out the door. You feel numb and cold. You're not sure you even want to serve in ministry anymore.​


You feel stuck. You get irritated easily and find yourself being critical and negative. Moving on sounds wonderful.​​


You feel drained more often than not. Your responsibilities have started to feel more like work than a blessing.


The shine has worn off, but you still feel hopeful in your calling and mission. You're tired and need some rest.


You feel full and alive. God's grace is flowing through you. Shepherding your church is a joy and blessing.

It's not uncommon for pastors and church leaders to find themselves exhausted in ministry. I know, I've been there. It's easy to forget that God has called us to be shepherds, not production managers.

Hello. I'm Lee.

Keeping up with the latest church growth methods, strategic leadership initiatives, and metrics can feel exhausting. 

If you’ve lost your joy and passion in ministry, I’d like to help you find it. 

Feels Like Home

"What a refreshing book! Imagine a church whose primary emphasis is to make people "feel at home." I wish every young pastor could read this book. Thanks, Lee, for a wonderful reminder of what the church is to be."
Erwin W. Lutzer
Pastor Emeritus, The Moody Church, Chicago

Here's how I can help...

Books & Resources

Over the years, I've created some helpful tools for pastors.

Speaking & Training

Need a speaker or workshop facilitated? I'm available.

Gatherings & Retreats

Let's face it... sometimes you just need to get away.

Personal Connections

Connection almost always begins with friendship.